"I have had back problems for 15 years and have seen a number of people over the years who never really seemed to solve the problem. Before I came to Spinalphysio I thought it would be just another place that treated backs. It is much more than that. They exceeded my expectations. A very happy customer." - Mark B.



Posture can be classified into 5 main categories. Unfortunately it's not that simple.

Each category can be further classified into a number of sub groups which go to form your posture type. Everybody falls into a main category and then a combination of sub groups. So although you may have been told you are a certain posture type and been advised to do exercises for that type, they may not be correct for your sub group. A chartered physiotherapist is the expert in assessing your posture and advising accordingly.

Perfect posture is a difficult goal to achieve but the closer you are to perfect the better your body will feel and perform.

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