How to sit properly at your desk.

Sixty Seven percent of people in Briton spend 20 hours a day either sitting down or lying down and 54% of those think they have an active lifestyle. We are getting more and more sedentary but believe we are active because we have busy lives, constantly checking our emails (apparently the average person deals with 121 emails a day), and phones and driving here, there and everywhere. We all know we should be moving more and have to make the effort and have the discipline to do so but if you do have to sit at your desk then read on to discover how to set things up correctly. Is it all about the chair? An office chair is like a pair of shoes. It's got to be fit for purpose and fit you. You wou

What tomatoes teach us about pain.

Pain is clever. It learns. It is designed to protect us and is constantly analysing data to do so. Sometimes however it can do too good a job at protecting us and gives us unhelpful signals. So how does this happen and what do tomatoes have to do with it? As a child you learned what the colour red was. This would have happened most likely by your parents telling you that something was red and then reinforcing that information any chance they got and testing you time and time again until you finally understood what red was. In doing so your brain developed a network of neurons and immune cells that represent the colour red. Every time you see something red this circuit gets switched on. These


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