What to expect from an online consultation

It is most likely that it will be some time before we will be able to offer a normal face to face physiotherapy service but that doesn't mean you can't access our help and expertise. So what can you expect from a remote consultation? Here's how it works. Subjective assessment: We will spend 5-8 minutes asking you questions about your past medical history and general health to get an idea of what you are usually like and screen you for certain medical issues that could influence your diagnosis. We will then talk about the particular issue you are concerned about. This will include things like the mechanism of injury, symptoms, aggravating factors, easing factors and any self management techn

Online consultations & clinic appointments

Covid-19 update We are being asked if it's still ok to attend for appointments and what happens if you want advice but are self isolating. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have informed us that it is currently still ok to remain open and treat patients as normal while following appropriate infection control measures. While we can, we will remain open and assess and treat as appropriate. For those who can not attend in person we are offering online consultations through Skype or other platforms as requested (Zoom, Webex). These can be booked as normal through the website or by calling the clinic on 01223 350622. We can all agree that these are unprecedented times and we will have to


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